Cyber Hero

The Cyber Hero platform seeks to encourage cyber hygiene in children from a young age, grooming them from primary to high school. All the activities are interactive prompting a response from the student.

The advent of technology for the youth of our country has opened many doors to make use of technology to enhance their knowledge. But with the technology advancements that have taken place the risk profiles for the youth have increased and created loopholes for a Cyber Criminal playground. We as SafeCyberLife see the risk profile of the youth increasing over time and this will lead to malicious behaviour patterns being developed, keeping this in mind we have developed a service to help change the behaviour and encourage the youth to promote clean cyber patterns in their daily life.

Currently our service package is made up of a box set with the following contents, introduction to the service and its contents, Cyber Manuals, Introduction to Digital Technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution and a Kaspersky Anti-Virus license . Further to the below the user also gets online intelligence and news on current trends and threats.

Using the above procedure, we have tailored our solution for Cyber Awareness aimed at the student from an early grade to the high school levels. The incorporation of an interactive animated solution starts to build a Cyber Security character that grows with the student and course material is tailored to fit the various levels of school life of the student. Being an interactive system, the solution also caters for the teacher faculty and parent with a welcome pack giving them guidance and pointers on how the Cyber Security lessons should be done. In doing so the teacher/parent is then an active participant in the lesson and can guide those “teachable moments” that pop up for incorrect responses from the students/their children.

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