Cyber Cadets

Do you know the behaviour of your family, collegues,or staff online can create a vulnerable online experience?

South Africa faces a real and growing cyber threat and it is important we have the right skills to combat the constantly evolving risk. The new cadet training programme will build on SafeCyberLife principles, which aim to teach young people the fundamentals of cyber security.

Cyber Cadet program is based on empowering the youth on how to behave online as well as preparing them for the 4th Industrial Revolution. The methods put in place are to empower the youth on how to obtain this knowledge as well as to empower the community with regards to the cyber challenges that are faced on a daily. The campaigns that are put into place include the Cyber Bullying campaign as well as a special movement called StopNonsense campaign. These Campaigns highlight the key factors of certain behaviours that are portrayed online such as bullying and knowing how to behave online.

When it comes to the Cadet program it is a very vital outreach drive that empowers the youth and communities. BUT! the question is how? It is done through empowering Cyber Cadets with the 12 Steps of how to live a SafeCyberLife as well as other Cyber Security training. The online platform helps the youth by empowering them with the knowledge to face Cyber challenges by learning to manage their cyber life and be ready to deal with Cyber-attack. The program also prepares them on for the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Cyber Cadet program is preparing to educate those who would love to learn as well as empowering themselves and others mindset and with the Cyber Cadet program it aims to prepare and empower people to #StopNonsense behavior online with the 12 Steps living a SafeCyberLife.

For more information about Cyber Cadets contact the Cyber Cadet Division of SafeCyberLife at Email : Email :