What your business gets.

SafeCyberLife is an educational service, just like when your team learn to drive the business vehicles, they must take driving lessons, that feature safety aspects. SafeCyberLife is a journey for individuals in your company must know how to build their Cyber Security for your operations and at home. This is not about adding technology but it is about helping them change and optimise their behavior as members of your team as an organisation. This education is important for your organisation to minimise your vulnerability to cyber criminals and many attacks now targeted at businesses, as well as preparing your organisation for the 4th Industrial Revolution that is already upon us. Your company may already be challenged by this 4IR and there is no shortcut in preparing for it.

The following are the 3 of 12 Steps of SafeCyberLife that will be used to empower your team:
  Performing Technology Audit at Home.
      They will know how performing Technology Audit at work and at Home, appreciating the technology deployed for them and helping your organisation with the Asset Management processes.
      Managing Passwords in order optimise information security. Many organisations are attacked today because of the lack of knowledge on the management of passwords.
      Managing organisational and private email addresses. SafeCyberLife will help you manage the risk of personal email addresses versus organisational email addresses. This is also one of the major risks in organisations as personal email addresses usually introduce risks into organisational operations.
      Performing Technology Audit at Home.

  Customised Solution that facilitates a holistic approach for Cyber Security in your organisation, based on the International Telecommunications Union's Global Cyber Security Index Pillars of :
      Cyber Security Policy or Legislation Compliance on Cyber Security in your organisation.
      Review and optimisation of Cyber Security Technology infrastructure in your organisation.
      Cyber Security Structure within your organisation in order to respond to Cyber incidents.
      Cyber Security Capacity Building, ensuring that every memebr of your organisation knows their responsibility and role in cyber security.
      Collaboration on cyber security with other organisations in your industry, to ensure there are not instances of re-inventing the wheeel and economies of scale can be implemented where possible.

  Regular Cyber alerts.
      Regular alerts to the Organisation on the latest Cyber attacks.
      Regular advise on how to deal with the new challenges being picked up in the industry.

  Anti-virus Software and customisation.
      Kaspersky Solution for 5 Devices within your organisation.
      Additional devices can be added on request.

  The SafecyberLife Business Service Team is also available for any customised needs to strengthen your operations on cyber security.

For customised business solutions contact the Corporate Division of SafeCyberLife at Email : corporate@safecyberlife.com