About Us

The Cyber Security Educational Program that everyone is talking about. Preparing you for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

SafeCyberL!fe is an educational service, just like when you learn to drive you must take driving lessons, that feature safety aspects. SafeCyberl!fe is a journey for individuals to know how to build their Cyber Security at home and in their private environment. This education is important for you to minimise your vulnerability to cyber criminals as well as preparing you for the 4th Industrial Revolution that is already upon us.

The 5 of 12 Steps of SafeCyberL!fe are as follows:
  Performing Technology Audit at Home.
  Password Management.
  Secure Email Training.
  Anti-virus Software Guidance.
  Software Updates.

SafeCyberL!fe is a service for a 12 months at a once off cost that covers the following:
  The Full Manual, digital copy, helping you to implement each of the 12 Steps above, with details on each step to guide you through the journey.
  Monthly and regular Cyber Security Alerts, to keep you informed on cyber security developments.
  Book Titled Introduction To Digital Technology and the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR), in order to help you, your family or business to prepare for 4IR.
  Regular Seminars and Talks to empower you on special topics such as seasonal developments such as Festive Season preparation, Back to School campaigns, Cyber Bullying, Information Security for families etc.
  Kaspersky Anti-Virus software for 2 Devices e.g. your Smartphone and your laptop.